Unlocking 42 million cultural items

Creating a fact-based design for Europeana. The organisation that digitally unlocks all the cultural heritage in the EU.

Europeana is an organisation funded by the EU with the task of bringing together the cultural heritage in the EU in a digital form. And unlocking the over 42 million items via their portal for scholars, professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Wireframe for a homepage without clutter and with a clear focus on the top-task: searching. And of course the beautiful content!

In 2014 the europeana team was in need of a clear design direction, in the form of a fact-based creative concept that would enable them to improve the experience for their users.
To create better insights in how the user experience could be improved, we conducted interviews with stakeholders and users. This resulted in a detailed understanding of the user goals, top-tasks and pain points.

We translated these insights in a range of deliverables to help the in-house europeana teams to design and build their portals in a more user-centered direction for the years to come.

Screen designs for object detail pages, themed in different styles.

Next to a roadmap and a prioritized backlog we formulated straightforward design principles, simple component based interaction designs and illustrative concept pages.
With this practical creative injection we empowered the team to create a more user-centered website. The first iteration of the portal, based on our fact-based concept went live at the end of 2015.

Wireframe for a channel landing page. The central hub for all music related content within the europeana databases.