Amsterdam University

Designing an information architecture and main navigation for the personal portals of students, tutors and staff.

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has the ambition to improve the online experience for their users. In 2015 I helped them express a clear visualisation of their online ambition.

Parallel routes from the search object to the information pages.

To focus the improvement of the experience for both students, tutors and staff, I created detailed concepts of the personal future portal of each user group. The concepts are based on top-tasks obtained from user research and they consist of detailed page designs for the start pages, a global structure for the information architecture, and a design for the main navigation that unlocks the vast landscape of online applications and websites in use by the University.

Wireframe for a student portal, showing an outline of the study curriculum as a navigation for all course-related information.

In addition it proposes a few concrete interaction designs and principles. For example a structure of rules for more personalized and relevant news feeds and announcements. And innovative ways of navigating educational content for both students and professors, providing a better overview of activities, tasks, results and educational content by bringing together data from different online applications and platforms in one simple interface.