Imagination as a career

I like to envision things that do not yet exist. Shape fantasy into actual ideas, concepts and plans for other people to see, use and desire. I made a career out of it.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawing boats, cars, houses, fighter planes and stories. I choose a study that involved a lot of designing and drawing: Architecture at the Technical University in Delft.
I graduated with honours in 2003 and won an award for my final project: a performance space that could adapt itself to many different events such as opera, concerts, drama, circus etc.

Design for a temporary stadium at the Malieveld in Den Haag.


After my graduation I choose to work for a firm called ‘cepezed’ in Delft. I stayed for 10 years and worked on some 40 projects. Together with some colleagues I participated in the bi-annual Architecture competition for young architects (in architecture you’re young until you are 40). Each time we won an honourable mention.


I designed office buildings, housing, retail, musea, temporary structures and much more. After mastering the complexity of designing a hospital, I decided that it was time to learn new things and put my design skills to work in another sector.

Digital designer

I like solving puzzles and creating clear hierarchy and order to complex matter, so I decided to put my talents to work as a designer of digital products. I have been designing and programming websites and other digital products since I got a computer and really enjoy the direct relation with the end product and the impact a good user interface has on people. So I decided to apply to a company that was supposed to be the best in taking on tough projects in the field of user experience: User Intelligence.
I got hired as an interaction designer and information architect (which has absolutely nothing to do with buildings, but is all about structuring data).

Design for an electric vehicle for the city of Bath, UK.

Side projects

Next to my day-jobs as a professional designer, I do many design projects on the side. Websites, furniture, posters or even electric vehicles for a design competition for the city of Bath in the UK. Where our design won the public vote.

If you want to know more about my jobs, check out my LinkedIn profile.