A collection of portfolio’s

Portfolio’s are interesting time-stamps from a creative career. I rounded up the portfolio’s I created through the years and published them here.

Every designer creates some portfolio’s during his or her career. Some of the ones I created are web-based and some are in the form of pdf’s. I never take time to really keep them up to date, so they ended up being time-stamps more than a continuous view on my work.
I pulled some ancient flash files from cd-roms and recreated the portfolio sites I created through the years. For the portfolio’s I created for print the reproduction is somewhat easier of course.
I hope you enjoy the impression they give of my work, both as an architect, a sketching designer and a webdesigner since 2001.


2012 - An unusual booklet

This portfolio offers an impression of my work as an architect. I tried to show the products and things I worked on on a daily basis, rather than the pictures from finished buildings. Since it is organised around the different types of deliverables rather than the traditional project-based structure it is a bit unusual as a portfolio.

Open the 2012 portfolio (pdf)

2008 - A flashy grid


A flash app that opens in a popup and has a random grid structure. Very fancy at the time…
Due to modern browser restrictions it will not open in the popup window it was designed for, so you might have to adjust your browser width to see the whole flash object.

Launch the 2008 portfolio

2003 - Landing a job in hard times


When you graduate you need a portfolio to get a job. This is the one I created for myself. Times where difficult for starting architects at the time, but my portfolio turned out to be quite effective and I got to choose between different employers.

Open the 2003 portfolio (pdf)

2001 - A first web-based portfolio.


My first attempt at a digital portfolio. Geometry and flash turned out to be very combinable. A different era, with designs tailored for the 800 by 600 pixel resolution and fonts as small as possible.

The green section shows an especially interesting view on the evolution of the webdesign for the Dutch Diplomacy website.
Launch the 2001 portfolio