Telfort consumer website

Information architecture, high-level page designs and interaction design principles for Telfort’s consumer website.

Telfort is a Dutch telecom company that offers residential services such as internet and television, but is also a mobile carrier. In 2013 the Telfort website was in need of a redesign. I created the information architecture and the high-level page designs for the consumer website. The goal was to create a conceptual framework to provide the structure for the new site. A design document that could be used by Telfort to steer the redesign process.

Fragment of the site map showing pages and topics per page.

Site structure & IA

To provide this structure and guidance to the redesign team, the concept defined the different types of pages, the goals per page and a large sitemap that included all pages in the consumer website. This resulted in a A0 canvas that gave an overview of all pages in the site, categorized by type and filled with the topics that would live on each page. A physical ‘big picture’ of the site to be created.

Information design

Graphic from the structure design document, explaining the modular layout and the content type per module on a page.

For the different page types I created layout schematics of the information on the pages, defining how the content flow should be set up and how the different types of content should be positioned on the design grids.
Apart from a clear structure of pages in the website and the information per page type, the concept also described the responsive behavior of the pages and defined rules and principles for navigation.
The clear overview, solid concept and component based structure of the design helped Telfort to quickly and successfully launch a redesign of their consumer website.