XS4ALL redesign

A redesign from scratch. Rethinking everything from the basic site structure and information architecture down to the very last graphic detail and transition speed. All agile.

XS4ALL is a telecom company with a strong focus on security and privacy. It was one of the first pioneering internet providers in the Netherlands. With an outdated website and a need for a new proposition, XS4ALL needed a new website that would better serve a fast growing customer group of self employed individuals.

Different concepts were sketched and transformed into interactive prototypes to see what would work best for the user.

As the lead interaction designer in a multidisciplinary (├╝ber)scrum team I helped create this new website for xs4all.nl. Through a set of workshops with the management team we extracted the business goals from the organisation and paired these with the customer needs that we gathered from three focus-groups.
These insights showed that the redesign for the entire website needed to be thorough and radically different in structure. The perfect challenge for ambitious interaction designers!


In our scrum process, we used sprint 0 to create different concepts that drastically changed the way users would find information on the website. Through concept testing with users we established which concept would best suit both business goals and user needs. In the following two-week sprints we created a new website from scratch, in a multidisciplinary atmosphere where I found myself sketching wireframes and defining layouts, but also finetuning typography, writing content creation and even creating code.

The user guided search helps customers find information fast.

The new concept enabled us to simplify the information architecture of the website and drastically reduce the amount of pages. The navigation went from extensive and multilayered to supersimple and the pages became more customer centered.
We were able to bring more focus to the portfolio and designed a user-guided-search to intuitively unlock the large amounts of service content that xs4all maintains for its customers.

The look and feel of the xs4all website have slightly changed since our redesign, but the interaction design still thrives on