Bart van Lieshout


In 2011 and 2012, I wrote a series of blog articles about a wide variety of topics. Technology caught up with some of them, but they will provide pleasant reading to fellow system thinkers.

Software per hour

If I need to use software for a couple of minutes per month, I have to buy it. Or pay a monthly subscription that insults my intelligence. I want a different model.

May 2012

A card from the future

Some science fiction products need no futuristic technology and should be implemented immdiately. Like the “multipass” from “The Fifth Element”.

April 2012

Framing Jesus

Sometimes it is necessary to alter the perspective on a classic master. To bring focus to the magnificent details created centuries ago by a great man.

February 2012

Plan your death

We could take more control over the moment our life ends. Is death-planning an option?

December 2011

Poster design

Every concert needs an audience to make the next program financially possible.

November 2011

My future phone

Will it still be a candy-bar with a touch screen, or could it look entirely different? And strikingly familiar at the same time perhaps.

October 2011

James – your automated digital consumer assistant

I like to spend less, but I don’t like to compare and chance suppliers for everything every year. I’d rather have James do it for me.

September 2011

The dog shit solution

Maybe with a little modern technology the dog shit problem can be solved rather easily.

August 2011

Autonomous driving in 2018

Traffic jams are mostly the result of the behaviour of drivers. Time to sack the human drivers. Gently but fast.

August 2011

Little China

Products are shipped all over the globe to make use of cheap labor. But why not produce the goods where they’re needed. Cheaply of course.

July 2011

Democracy 2.0

In a democracy you rarely get what you want. You are ruled by compromise or parties you didn’t vote for. Time for a new democratic system.

June 2011

Single Digital Identity

Managing passwords and accounts is cumbersome and a waste of time. There must be better solutions.

May 2011

Starting your own country

Discretely owning a low profile country without any inhabitants could actually be a very profitable business.

May 2011


When you drive six kids to school, the ePod will probably not be your vehicle of choice. But getting to the office could be so much more fun!

May 2011

Interlink – a commuters network

Harvest professional comments, sharpen your views and improve your skills while you travel.

May 2011

Den Haag Crossroads train station

The Dutch Residence has an awkward positioning of train stations. A new station in the right place can solve all public transport irritations in one single gesture.

April 2011