Bart van Lieshout


Web & app

I am a professional designer.
I create clarity for a living.

I graduated cum laude from the Technical Unverity of Delft and worked as an architect for 10 years. I have been designing and building websites for 20 years and left the building industry in 2013 to dedicate my talents full-time to human-centered design for digital products.

In 2016, I co-founded the design bureau mbstudio.

Design for a portal that helps civil servants to standardise and streamline large and complicated purchase processes for the Dutch government.

Below, a portal for employment lawyers, where all relevant jurisprudence can be searched, enriched with articles on developments in labor law, relevant news and annotations from peers.

A series of illustrations for the website of a bridge club.


The succes of a website or app can be greatly improved if you start with a solid concept. A plan that translates insights from data and user research into a concrete blue-print that outlines how things will work.

Translating insights into concepts is a specialty of mine.

I usually start with sketches. These are easy to iterate, discuss and discard.

Parts of a concept for a student portal for the Amsterdam University, outlining how search functionality will work and how students can track their study results in a study roadmap.

Concepts are strategic to my clients, so most of them I cannot show. But here are some of the clients I worked for in the past years.

Fact-based design

I try to base designs on facts, rather than just opinion and taste. For websites this means user research to get a clear understanding of what users need and expect.

Information architecture

Information architecture helps getting the big picture right. It provides structure for pages, content, functionality and navigation.

UX design

Creating a good user experience (UX) for digital products is a combination of well-crafted design and code. I focus on the former, but with a healthy understanding of the latter.

Design for print

Every now and then something needs to be printed. Creating layouts for a fixed canvas that does not scale with the screen is a different challenge altogether.
One that I love.

Logo and stationary for dental practice Klop.

Spread from a research report for the TU Delft.
A selection from the concert posters I designed for choir.
Layout spreads from an architectural design document (840 by 297 mm). As lead designer, I did the renderings, sketches, texts and layout work. The hospital design was a combined effort of the 30+ people design team.