Bart van Lieshout

Side projects

When I was working as an architect, I have always had side projects. Most of them websites, some of them design competitions. And one villa.

Poster and rendering of a skyscraper for the future (competition). Together with Paddy Siewerts I designed a superstructure consisting of a sloped park that curled upwards for 7,5 km. The resulting structure would hold prefabricated housing units and would be placed in coastal area's - where most shortage in housing will occur in the 21th century.

A concept for an autonomous vehicle, designed with Joost Heijnis for a design competition by city of Bath (U.K.). We won the public vote.

Above, a website I built in Flash 4 for Adviesburo de Zwart. Beneath a series of spreads from the corporate identity (and logo) I designed for the student music society Krashna Musika from Delft.

Visuals from the entry for the architectural competition for architects under 40 from the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA). I created the project together with Paddy Siewerts and Joost Heijnis. Our design for the apartment block on the banks of the Merwede won an honorable mention.


Between 2011 and 2012 I wrote a series of blog articles about a wide variety of topics. They ranged from poster design to pricing models for software and from how to solve the dog shit problem in the Netherlands to planning your own death.

Blog articles